Testimonial Reviews

★★★★★   Scott Alvord:

Capital City Tax has shared excellent and valuable information with the members of Advanced Business Roundtable. They are clearly experts in their field, including Trusts … Facebook Review

★★★★★   Ilya Markevich:

This is the first year I did my taxes at Capital City Tax. The staffs are knowledgeable and friendly, and I get more refund this year. The coffee is better than Starbucks. I recently just sold a piece of land, and I would like to be prepared for the capital gain taxes next year. My tax accountant went over with me and adjusted my quarterly estimated tax payment. The year round support I have received is outstanding. Kudos to all the staffs at Capital City Tax! … Google Review

★★★★★   Construction P:

My former tax accountant retires, and so my friend refers me to Capital City Tax because she has been happy with the service. I am glad I did. Not only that I am happy with my experience with the firm, I found out that my former tax accountant didn’t include my long term care expenses. I have a doctor statement which certifies my need for the long term care expenses. We ended up amended last year tax return, and I got more refund. I am glad my friend refers me to Capital City Tax. Thank you! … Yellowpages Review

★★★★★   Nellie R:

My former tax preparer told me I owe IRS a lot of money due to capital gain tax from the sale of my home. I am in the midst of difficult situation of my life now, and knowing I owe IRS a lot of money isn’t comforting. So, when my cousin told me to bring my tax return to Capital City Tax so that her tax accountant could review it, I took her advice. And I am glad I listen to my good cousin. It turns out I didn’t owe IRS that much money because I am entitled to partial credit to the exclusion of capital gain tax for the sale of my home. I have a great experience getting my taxes done at Capital City Tax, and my tax accountant is friendly and comforting. Thank you Capital City Tax! … Yelp Review

★★★★★   Catherine Jane Smith:

The men at Capital City Tax have helped me save literally thousands of dollars. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. They are so kind and professional…but the best part is that they are so knowledgeable regarding tax law. 5 BIG STARS!!! … Facebook Review